SECOND OPINION COLUMNS (original submissions)

Premature heart disease; information is the key (1.27.00)

Alternative healthcare; separating hype from hope (2.17.00)

Women and heart disease (2.24.00)

Antioxidants and vitamin therapy (3.16.00)

Hormone therapy and heart health (3.23.00)

Internet healthcare information; caveats (4.13.00)

Coronary calcification in detection of heart disease (7.6.00)

Children and heart disease (9.14.00)

The Politics of Healthcare (11.5.00)

Diabetes and Heart Disease (11.9.00)

Symptoms of Heart Disease (2.1.01)

The Vice-president's Heart Condition (3.8.01)

Clinical Research and Ethics (60 Minutes Story) (4.9.01)

The New Cholesterol Guideline Implications (5.21.01)

Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (7.20.01)

Implications of the Cerivastatin recall (8.13.01)

The COX-2 NSAID Cardiovascular Cautions (8.27.01)

Terrorism and Cardiovascular Disease (10.8.01)

Update on statins and antioxidants (12.17.01)

Appropriate use of generic drugs to control cost (4.22.02)

Implications of the Women's Health Initiative HRT data (7.15.02)

Inflammation and the development of heart disease (8.12.02)

Implications of ALLHAT and blood pressure treatment (12.23.02)

Implementation of Clinical Guidelines to Optimize Care (2.3.03)

The New Hypertension Guidelines (5.19.03)

The Polypill good idea? (6.30.03)

New dietary study and role in cholesterol treatment (7.28.03)

Angioplasty preferred for acute coronary syndrome (8.24.03)

Dissecting aortic aneurysms (9.22.03)

Putting care back in health care (10.19.03)

Genes for healthy aging (10.20.03)

New HDL-cholesterol therapy (11.10.03)

Obesity in America (3.15.04)

Optimal Cholesterol Levels (3.22.04)

Suboptimal Treatment Plans (4.28.04)

Amended Cholesterol Guidelines (7.19.04)

Coronary Calcium Scanning Versus Stress Testing (8.25.04)

Clinical Trials, Drug Safety and the Vioxx Recall (10.6.04)

Heart Disease in Women - An Update (10.18.04)

Healthcare and Politics - Part I of III: Overview (10.13.04)

Healthcare and Politics - Part II of III: Candidate Positions (10.20.04)

Healthcare and Politics - Part III of III: Elements of a Solution (11.3.04)

Vitamin E and Heart Disease (11.22.04)

NIH Ethics and Unintended Consequences (2.5.05 Letter in LA Times)

Payback Time to Pharmaceutical Companies (2.6.05 Op-Ed)

The Underutilization of Preventive Cardiovascular Strategies in Women (2.11.05)

Cholesterol Study Raises More Questions (3.14.05)

The Loss of Dr. Darrell Davey (Letter 4.5.05)

Vitamins for Heart Protection Come with Caveats (9.26.05)

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit (10.10.05)

The Passing of Edward Masry (Commentary) 12.8.05

Lipitor vs. Zocor (IDEAL Study) - Implications for Patients (12.12.05)

Gender Differences of Aspirin Effect (1.23.06)

The ASTEROID Study - Reversing Coronary Disease? (3.27.06)

Looking Beyond the Drug Label - Letter in The Washington Post (5.30.06)

Generic Statins Brighten Medical Landscape (7.17.06)

Risks of Drug-coated Stents (9.11.06, republished 10.16.06)

Statins Powerful Strategy to Increase Life Span (11.6.06)

Views on Failure of an HDL-raising drug - full text (12.25.06)

Prevention of Heart Disease Guidelines in Women (3.5.07)

The COURAGE Study - Angioplasty vs. Drug Interventions Alone (4.2.07)

Hormone Replacement Therapy Revisited (4.16.07)

Statin Induced Low Cholesterol and Cancer Risk (7.31.07)

Unexpected Deaths in Young Athletes (11.12.07)

The ENHANCE Trial - unedited column (edited version 1.25.08)

Follow-up Comments on the ENHANCE Trial

Perspectives on Tim Russert's Death (6.22.08 Opinion Page)

Smoke-free Legislation Pays Health Benefits (8.10.08 Opinion Page)

Thumbnail of Complexities of Obama vs. McCain Healthcare (10.19.08 Opinion Page)

Statins for "normal" cholesterol - the Jupiter Trial (11.14.08)

A truly American story (11.18.08 Letter to Editor)

Aspirin and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease (3.24.09)

Health Care Reform - Basic Issues (8.23.09)

When doctors were kings (?)...50 years ago: response to a column (11.8.09)

Facts to Consider and Clarify in Healthcare Reform (11.15.09)

Healthcare Reform - A Seminal Bill for America (3.28.10)

Blood Pressure Medications and Risk of Cancer (6.27.10)

Statins: Of Value in Healthy, High-risk Patients? (7.11.10)

Repeal Healthcare Reform - REALLY? (11.7.10)

Dissecting Aortic Aneurysms - Equal Opportunity Killer (12.26.10)

Congress and Political Theater (1.23.11)

Sudden Death in Young Athletes (3.20.11)

Liz Taylor's Death Puts New Focus on Heart Failure (3.24.11)

Uncertain Role of Raising HDL-Cholesterol with Niacin (6.5.11)

High Dose Statins Draw FDA Warning (6.26.11)

Huge Question in Coronary Care [Appropriateness of PCI] (7.17.11)

The Passing of Dr. Mark Starr (9.21.11)

Cholesterol Testing in Children (11.20.11)

Your Cardiovascular Destiny (2.5.12)

Red Flags Raised on Red Meat (3.25.12)

Healthcare Guidelines Require Caution (4.15.12)

The Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act (7.1.12)

Deceptive View of Ryan's Medicare Reform Proposal (9.1.12)

Exercise Caution in Using Nutrition Supplements (10.14.12)

The Unexpected Death of James Gandolfini (6.23.13)

Obamacare - End of the World or A New Beginning? (9.30.13)



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